Shaftesbury Fringe Preview

I was lucky to get the chance to shoot the Preview Variety Performance for this summers Shaftesbury Fringe. Designed to run concurrently with Shaftesbury Gold Hill Fair weekend of 1st – 3rd July, the concept is a simple, yet I think, brilliant one. Get as many venues as possible to sign up to host an artist, get as many artists as possible to sign up to perform, introduce one to tother, and let the magic happen. So far there are over 50 venues lined up, and the artists list is growing daily.

There will be all sorts from live bands playing in big halls, comedy shows, poetry readings, even some Tibetan Monks performing in small intimate settings.

Taking part in the Shaftesbury Fringe Preview were Charles Hasslett, Adrienne coles, Phaze Dance, Fraser Wilson, Patricia Knight-Webb, Just Millie, Anna-Louise Richards, Ly Harman and Samantha.

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